About MS Graphisme

Maxime Schepard – Graphic Designer

From personal activity in poster creation and the conception of visual materials, to a master’s degree in visual communication, I am now working as a freelance graphic designer. I now produce miscellaneous editorial items, offering a range of visual projects as well as their integration into digital use, and much more.

Mainly driven by curiosity, and the will of pushing the boundaries of my field, at the very core of my work lies a constant search for experimenting more, trying new.It is growing from the crisscrossed influences of street-art and outlaw art forms, it is weaving through graphic design, to come back with the raw, anti-establishment iconography and aesthetics. Such diverse influences called for a blend of some techniques I used, some said to fall under crafting, and a merging of them into a more modern, digital form.

All the while honing my personal skills, the richness of such confrontations and the whole process itself now make to able to meet the customers expectations on specific orders. Indeed, above curiosity and aesthetics inclination, I seek to expand and deepen my work themes by integrating other people’s accounts and ideas, other stories, different countries, through travelling, meeting, and sharing.

Enjoy your visit.