MTBK: from friends to a brand that breaks codes.

Sweats, caps, bumbags, joggings and other posters, the team is involved in everything and already provides a large quantity of items: “We have several collections to our credit but everything started with “Origin”, the one that laid the foundations of our universe. We mainly produce in black and white in order to have sober and refined products,” explains the team. Geometric with the paw of Avius Animus, offset with the crazy Ghetto 25, the brand’s collections are expanding day by day. Latest to date, a revival of the Martini logo in MTBK version, made by the graphic designer and crew member, Maxime Schepard.

Arts and culture: A world tour in 2000 stickers.

Starting from the premise that stickers adorn the majority of the world’s cities, Maxime Schepard launched a global call for contributions. He received more than 3500 stickers from 25 different countries. He made an exhibition of it, visible at the Marulaz until June 9.

Stickers that make the streets of the world talk.

Maxime Schepard was far from imagining that his stickers representing a bearded man would travel all over the world. The graphic designer from Dasle is about to pack his bags and try a new artistic adventure in Montreal.

Mtbk launches its new collection "Critical black".

For its part, MS Graphisme, which is based on street art, among other things, signs a polo shirt with a worked and colourful design, a first for Mtbk, which until then had favoured absolute black.

Clothing trend: MTBK designers dress girls and boys in black.

Each new collection – more than 30 in five years – bears the hallmark of a collaboration like the two new pieces released for the brand’s five-year anniversary: the “broken” T-shirt, discreet but aggressive with a broken glass effect reminiscent of the many abandoned buildings in the area, and the “flag” T-shirt, whose letters Mtbk deform to imitate the rippling of a garment when it is moved. We find the label of the graphic designer Maxime Schepard and that of Doriane Romary, a student in the arts and crafts department at the Pasteur High School in Besançon.

Mode in black in Montbéliard.

“For graphic design, we work with MS Graphisme, by Maxime Schepard, a guy from Dasle. For other subjects, we use Sans Blase, from Delle, or Avius Animus, a tattoo artist from Montbéliard,” explains Léo Debierre.

Art, clothes and music at the ephemeral shop of n°34.

Also sticker art with graphic designer Maxime Schepard from Dasle, who exhibits more than 100 international artists.

MTBK: Interview of MS Graphisme

Interview with MS Graphisme (Hyperactive member of MTBKREW). This time we are not presenting an assocation but an independent graphic designer with multiple facets!


Meetup with MS Graphisme

A new issue of the Teheness Mag’ means a new presentation of an actor from the local scene. After the clothes with MTBK, the electro evenings with Accept the Mystery, spotlight on a talented graphic designer who officiates under the blase of MS Graphisme.