Greeting Cards (2021)

Design and printing of greeting cards, with envelopes, for the year 2022.

The year 2020 will remain an unforgettable year for the entire world, unfortunately marked by multiple tragic events.
This greeting card illustrates the desire to start a new year on a positive note, with joy, mutual assistance, and respect for everyone. Indeed, it is better to move forward, not by forgetting the past, but by learning from our mistakes to progress towards better things.

Format: 7 x 5 inches
Printing: inkjet, limited edition of 30 copies
Project type: personnel


The visual on the front of the greeting card is divided into two parts.

In the upper part, the text is barely discernible, but it is almost impossible to read what it says. The text presents a list of tragic events that occurred throughout the year 2020. It recalls the fires in Australia, the emergence of the Covid-19 virus, Brexit in England, the protests in Hong Kong, the social crisis in Latin America, the Yellow Vests movement, the murder of George Floyd and the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement, the explosions in Beirut, the overall increase in global pollution, terrorist attacks, police brutality, the implementation of a curfew, the #meetoo hashtag, the murder of Joyce Echaquan, among others.

A year 2020 marked by too many unbearable things that we must never forget in order to become better in the future.

The second part of the visual is a wave that erases these moments, making way for a new page to be written for the new year. It is up to all of us to act for a better world. Finally, on the back, a quote by Serge Zeller reminds us never to give up: Everything that has a beginning has an end, but every end is the beginning of a new beginning.