Greeting Cards (2024)

Design and printing of greeting cards for the year 2024. 2023 was marked by numerous catastrophes. Human relationships are becoming increasingly difficult, and the arrival of artificial intelligence does not make things any easier. What does a child think of this world in turmoil?
How can we hope for a better world in the face of all this?

Format: 6 x 4 inches
Printing: inkjet, limited edition of 30 copies
Project type: personal


The visual on the front of this greeting card depicts two children from behind, holding hands. They observe the damage caused by humanity, but the sun on the horizon perhaps offers a glimmer of hope for this young generation. This visual was generated using AI. A paradox when one considers that the machine illustrates here a very real scene. On the back, a prayer by Abbé Pierre is written in a childlike typography. A message on the stamp, along with some elements, refers to the song Respire by the singer Mickey 3D. The lyrics speak for themselves. In short, I hope that the year 2024 will be a year no longer marked by hatred. A period where we can finally live together. Let’s take the time to share, to love, to listen, to understand.