Scenography of my Higher national diploma of plastic expression (DNSEP) at ISBA in Besançon (France).

One might think, when the title is discovered, that it means Revelation. But in reality it translates into Revelation in Latin. What I want to transcribe here is that what seems obvious to us at first glance, what we think we are reading or doing, may in fact be the result of manipulation.

In the continuity of my research for my thesis, the graphic part of my diploma focuses on the virtual dimension of advertising. Indeed, since the arrival of the Web and smartphones, it has infiltrated our private space, in addition to the public space. The information revealed daily by the entire mass seems to have no influence on our lives. In reality, this is a huge gain for advertisers and brands.

Graphic objects are the material transcription of some of the Dark Patterns used in websites. They encourage you to buy or register for things you didn’t want to do. These Dark Patterns are part of the attention economy; an economic model that considers that the only thing that has value on the Web is the attention of Internet users. Attention that is quantified and produces data.

The creative process was set up by imagining these Dark Patterns as acting in the public space, a space that applies here as identical to the virtual dimension.

These objects are intended for all Web users. Through scenography and graphics, they try to illustrate these tricks, invisible but very present. A way to become more attentive and to read all the information on a page and allow you to remain a person free to make your own choices.