B(l)izzard Bizarre (2019)

Creation of the poster for the exhibition B(l)izzard Bizarre organized by artists residing in the Hochelaga neighborhood 
of Montreal (Canada). Visual adaptation for social media platforms. As the winter’s breath blows, the reign of yesterday’s dust, and dreams whose anger does not fade, only an opaque blizzard remains visible. It, which is blue, black, gray, or even white, resonates like the depth of an endless world, like the obscure thoughts of a life without tomorrow. In this bizarre blizzard, the common imagination of different young artists residing in Hochelaga has emerged. Their dreamlike world
 opens its doors to you, rocked by dreams of a future chained in a trembling and dusty present, industrial and carnal: exhibition of paintings and sculptures, performances, video and musical creations.

Format: A3 – 29.7 x 42 cm
Project type: freelance