Logotype – BMS (2020)

The two logo proposals presented here were created as part of work commissioned by a fraudster who used false identities to scam money from graphic designers. Posing as a construction company based on the French island of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, the scammer failed to achieve their goals. Nonetheless, here are the logos produced in response to this false commission.

The shapes used to create this logo are inspired by the three areas of activity of Bâtiments Multi Services. For masonry, I took as a starting point the iconic tool of this domain: the trowel. I simplified its shape into a triangle with a rounded top. As for plumbing, I based the design on the water cycle and pipework, which led to the use of a circle. Finally, building works naturally led me to think of foundations and construction as a whole, hence the use of a square. The result is a memorable logo, minimalist in its design, both modern and efficient.

Project type: freelance