Broken MTBK (2021)

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the MTBK Clothing brand, I teamed up once again with the Montbéliard-based brand
to offer a visual reminiscent of a broken window. The visuals in this series draw inspiration from the numerous abandoned buildings in the industrial area of the Cité des Princes. It also reflects a youth that is deserting this industrial territory to settle in larger cities. Over the years, the desire to offer visuals that are true to the historical and geographical identity of the brand remains a major axis of creation and inspiration for my collaborations with MTBK.

Photography model: Léo Debierre
Project type: freelance
Client: MTBK Clothing

Media Extract (2021)

The newspaper L’Est républicain mentioned in its article on February 19, 2021:

MTBK Clothing is not limited to just a line of t-shirts, sweatshirts, cargo pants, windbreakers, tactical vests, beanies, socks, etc. It’s also an art of being and living around music, particularly techno; street art; the world of mountain biking, graphic design, photography, tattooing, etc. Each new collection (more than 30 in five years) bears the mark of a collaboration, such as the two new pieces released for the brand’s fifth anniversary: the “broken” t-shirt, “discreet but aggressive with a broken glass effect reminiscent of the numerous abandoned buildings in the area,” and the “flag” t-shirt, where the letters MTBK deform imitating the ripple of clothing during movement. The graphic designer Maxime Schepard‘s signature and that of Doriane Romary, a student in the arts and crafts program at Lycée Pasteur in Besançon, can be found on these items.