[ CONVID-20 ]

[CONVID-20] is a poster project initiated by the graphic designer Maxime Schepard (MS Graphisme) during the global lockdown following the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

From the same work base (graphic elements and background), participants are invited to create a poster. However, some rules are imposed: use a specific colorimetric profile, one or two typefaces and at least 5 graphic elements present in the starting bundle. These constraints reflect the obligation for everyone to adapt their creative process in a workspace completely different from our habits.

Typographies proposed in the starting bundle are:

Quarantine Regular and 3am Bold by Maxime Martins, graphic designer and student at the Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts de Besançon (France).

Format: A4 (EU version) or letter (US version)


To participate in the project and have access to the creation bundle, contact me here.


Poster n°01: Maxime Schepard – MS Graphisme (CA)

Poster n°02: Christelle Bettoni – Klut (CA)

Poster n°03: Gabrielle Pretot (FR)

Poster n°04: David Bourcelot (FR)

Poster n°05: Jordan Simonetto (FR)

Poster n°06: Maria Bilius (ES)

Poster n°07: Eugénie Roy (FR)

Poster n°08: Mélissa Franchini (FR)

Poster n°09: Bastien Guyot (FR)

Poster n°10: Slomco.desgn (CH)