For too long now, we have been subjected to draconian restrictions on our freedoms.

Confinements, masks, restrictions on movement, navel-gazing… We live in difficult times, and it taints our relationships.



The graphic design of this greeting card illustrates my current feeling about the situation. The front is a cross-over of two images. One in black and white
one in black and white, by photographer Radek Kilijanek. It shows a disused place, devoid of any interaction, sad, empty, sick.

My feeling about what we experienced in 2021.

The other, a photograph of a Romanian mountain range taken by the photographer Christian Vieriv. The nature, immense space instinctively giving us an infinite freedom. A strange visual, reflecting this feeling of fuzzy malaise that the year 2021 has brought us. When we turn over the map, we discover the entire photograph of the mountain range. So, like this visual, let’s turn the page, and look at 2022 as a year of change and renewal.

Printing: inkjet on recycled paper. Limited edition of 40 copies.

Size: 7 x 5 inches

Typeface: Cirka from PangramPangram‘s foundry