Hidden costs is a prod.
It refers to the dark pattern (web trick inscribed in the attention economy) of the same name which is defined by the fact that a hidden cost occurs when the user reaches the last step of the ordering process, and discovers that some unforeseen costs have appeared. For example, delivery charges, taxes.

In the case of my DNSEP, the hidden cost results in the printing of a web page via the keyboard command Ctrl+p (PC) or Cmd+p (Mac). It shows the structure of my diploma. When printing the web page, different information appears on the outgoing file of the printer and replace the titles that form the DNSEP stucture. They retranscribe a hidden cost in the last step of the application process.

Try for yourself to print this web page (A3, double-sided)

Size: A3 open, A6 folded.
HTML coding: Léo Gauttier