Submission of a hoodie design for the YOUR ADRENALINE ART contest organized by Jackalope, organizer of extreme sports events in Montreal.

Description technique du projet sweat à capuche Jackalope édition spéciale :

  • Black fabric with white galaxy details.
  • Embroidered Jackalope logo on the front of the sweater, at  heart level.
  • White silkscreened text at the back of the hoodie.
  • Inner label, in the hood.
  • Label sewn on the bottom left sleeve of the sweatshirt
  • White seams.


Adrenaline, an intense desire that plunges each of us into a constant adventure. A feeling of freedom that relieves us of the daily pressures of modern society. The design that I propose here directly illustrates this frequent need to feel shivers running through our bodies, surpassing our limits.

A black fabric decorated with paint projections, a personal nod to what is akin to my vision of adrenaline: my past as a vandalized graffiti artist. A bag full of spray, a bike, and dozens of night sessions trying to find the most visible spots for my addiction. Fast lanes, trains,
elevations, so many places that give me this feeling of escape. The design also glimmers a starry sky, familiar to all extreme sports enthusiasts; a look towards the infinite. The front logo would be embroidered and the text on the back would be silk-screened. The quality aspect is very important and diametrically translates the perfectionism, the intimate and elitist character of extreme sportsmen and women. White labels and white stitching enrich this aspect.

In conclusion, this design is adapted to the field of extreme sports and is aimed at both to women as well as to men because of its dark and modern aestheticism.