Industrial Metamorphism (2019)

The series Industrial Metamorphism consists of two posters made from fragments of paint layers recovered from
a Swiss factory.

The first poster, titled Industrial Stratigraphy, stems from a process of assembling these paint layers. Inspired by stratigraphy, a part of geology that studies the spatial arrangement and temporal succession of rocks, my graphic work involved scanning these paint layers to arrange them harmoniously. The final result directly evokes industrial technical plans and stratigraphic dissection diagrams.

The second poster, named Industrial Seismography, is the result of a scanning and glitch process. Inspired by seismography, a science that studies earthquakes using seismographs measuring movements of tectonic plates in the earth’s crust, my graphic work involved scanning these paint layers while shaking them as in an earthquake. The final result directly evokes technical plans of seismic analysis.

This graphic approach explores content creation by drawing direct inspiration from our environment.

Format: A1, 59.4 X 84.1 cm
Typeface: D-DIN
Project type: personnal