Insert This End Up (2015)

This collective project is part of the NON PROFIT SPACE Workshop organized at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Besançon (France).

Underground parking lots often evoke banality, imbued with wear and tear, pollution, and stress, sometimes even eliciting anxiety. It is within this environment that the Insert This End Up project is born, exploring this space where the unexpected arises, where the surprising emerges, and where poetry finds its place.

This situation, of course, remains strange, exploiting the legal vacuum surrounding this unusual disruption, absurdly questioning the ever-growing proliferation of regulations in a society inclined to secure and anticipate every aspect of life. After all, why not consider another use for this rented parking space? What else could we park there? How can we activate this space and divert it, even temporarily, from its usual function?

Project type: student