Logotype – Jares (2022)

Logo design for Montreal DJ JARES.

Montreal DJ and producer, JARES is inspired by the belief that deep progressive sounds, combined with a precise rhythm a precise rhythm, can produce an inner state of euphoria and full consciousness. His style blends ethereal, orchestral and progressive sounds that explore the deepest nuances of the musical spectrum. These original sounds and textures have enabled him to share his work on labels such as Kattermuke, Deep Tales, Steyoyoke, Natura Viva, Harabe 
and Freegrant Music.

JARES has been lucky enough to showcase his sounds at some of Canada’s finest clubs, including the famous Stereo Afterhours, as well as playing alongside legends such as Hannes Bieger, Miss Monique, Undercatt, Space Motion, Soul Button,
 Henry Saiz and Dosem.

Fictional variations of the logotype to illustrate its possible adaptations on multiple communication media.

Project type: freelance.
Client: JARES