Justice for Alphonse (2020)

Justice for Alphonse is a dual project comprising a poster and a t-shirt in collaboration with the Montbéliard-based clothing brand, MTBK Clothing (France). On July 30, 2020: In a ten-second video, we see a police officer wearing a helmet talking to a young man (Alphonse, 16 years old) in the sensitive area of Planoise (Besançon, France). Suddenly, the officer violently strikes him in the face, with the video abruptly ending at that moment. Faced with these gratuitous acts of violence, which too often go unpunished for their perpetrators, it is our duty to denounce these events and ensure they
are never forgotten. Law enforcement officers represent the security image of the country and should protect the people, adhering to a code of ethics (Decree No. 2013-1113 of December 4, 2013).

They are required to maintain proper conduct towards citizens. But who protects us from the police?
This is an article from L’Est Républicain reporting the facts.

Size: A2 – 42 x 59.4 cm
Printing: inkjet
Project type: personnal