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The project below is a collaboration between Kommon.io Inc. and MS Graphisme.

The final result is an immersive experience located in the interpretation center of Cultures du Large, an aquaculture farm located on the Magdalen Islands in Quebec (Canada). With augmented reality helmets, explanatory panels, a historical frieze, and floor tiles, the space offers a new approach to the world of aquaculture. Indeed, the graphic design and the scenography have been thought with the sole purpose of making the world of shellfish farming, sea aquaculture and lobster fishing more playful.

The graphic universe of the Cultures du Large project was directly inspired by the marine and river world, but also by the location of the Cultures du Large interpretation center (some of the shapes are derived from the shape of the island’s coastline, for example). The history of the team and its facilities was also a source of inspiration for the graphic design.

Customer: Les Cultures du Large

Producer: Saël Simard

Texts: Charlotte Wasser

Translate: Francis Giguère

Graphic Design: MS Graphisme

Integration: Fréféric-Daniel Plourde


Take a closer look at some of the visuals created for the Cultures du Large interpretation center and its immersive experience. Below, the 21′ long historical frieze, some playful pastilles and explanatory and informative panels.