[ TNS SCARF – 2020/2021 ]

Design of a scarf for the Sochaux Montbéliard Football Club supporters group,  Tribune Nord Sochaux (France). The two logos on the front of the scarf are a variation of the coats of arms of the two cities Sochaux and Montbéliard. On the back, the Group’s identity is illustrated by the skyline, which shows the city’s key landmarks, which are important to everyone: the castle of the Dukes of Würtemberg, the Montbéliard-Ville train station, the St-Martin temple, the Peugeot factories and the Auguste Bonal stadium. Each of these places has a particular, historical symbolism in the hearts of the supporters of the Tribune Nord Sochaux.

Format: 130 x 18 cm

Printing: by sublimation – 100% polyester

Photo credit: Kylian Vachet