Vintage MMXX (2020)

Vintage MMXX is a poster created for the Un vent de révolte, a participatory project developed to reconnect with the artistic and cultural
 world heavily affected by the crisis, in the unique venue dedicated exclusively to artistic creation that is La Vallée, in Molenbeek (Belgium). The proposed visual references several events from 2019, most of which sparked strong revolts within
 the global population. Millésime MMXX was created following the call for projects by graphic designer Gabrielle Pretot on the theme of revolt.

Here is the summary: It is in the name of art, revolt, protest, and artistic collaboration that I come to you today. Considering the health, political, and social situation unfolding before our eyes for several months now, astonishing decisions have been made by the leaders of many countries in Europe and beyond. New regulations, constraints, and abuses of power… I propose that you participate in a poster exhibition under the theme of revolt.

The observation is simple: the year 2020 is a period that will remain in history. Human limits have been exceeded, something has changed, and this visual reflects my personal vision of this moment. A Molotov cocktail made with what appears to be
 a wine bottle, a metaphor for a time when we could share convivial moments with our loved ones, simply enjoy life without worrying about every little action that could bring us trouble. The Molotov cocktail has a very strong symbolism regarding
 the uprising of a people against their government. Yellow vests in France, Chilean protests triggered by increases in public service prices, the uprising of the people and students of Hong Kong following the amendment of the extradition law, the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement after the death of George Floyd, increasingly bloody and atrocious attacks, and many more events, more or less important, publicized or silenced, reflect the current world in which we live. It’s a general fed-up. Enough injustices, enough abuses of power, enough lies. On the label, one can read “I can’t breathe,” which were George Floyd‘s words before his death. And these words apply quite well to all the situations listed above. Added to this is the COVID-19 virus, plunging us into a world where we can no longer breathe behind our masks, where we distrust our neighbors, where curfews are imposed, where fear and paranoia are cultivated. The use of red in addition to black is not insignificant either; it symbolizes revolution, the desire for a noticeable change in our lives that will restore a fair human, social, and ethnic situation rather than advocating individualism and narcissism.

 Let’s use our weapons to account for this unbelievable situation, which is deteriorating day by day.
 Mine is art and graphic design.

Format: A3, 29.7 x 42 cm
Printing: screen printing (2 colors)
Project type: personal

Un vent de RÉVOLTE (Molenbeek, Bruxelle)