Privacy Zuckering (2017)

Privazy Zuckering is a series of 6 editions in the form of scrolls created for my National Diploma in Plastic Arts at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Besançon. It refers to the Dark Pattern of the same name, which is defined by the fact that you are led to share more information about yourself publicly than you thought.

Starting from the Facebook profile of someone I knew little about, I undertook a meticulous exploration across several platforms within a day, including Facebook, Twitter, Ask, Instagram, and Youtube.

After a painstaking process of analyzing and sorting through the data, all of the person’s personal information was printed in order to visually quantify the space that our online information can take up. This project questions the ease with which we can disclose personal information that may seem very private when discussed in real life.

Format: variable
Printing: thermic transfer on rolls of paper
Project type: student